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The Program

The AAF’s Most Promising Multicultural Students program connects the advertising industry with the nation’s top minority college seniors. This premier event provides opportunities to recruit fresh talent, to further prepare advertising’s best young prospects and to help the industry’s workforce better reflect the multiculturalism of today’s society. The program not only honors the students, but enhances their knowledge and understanding of the advertising industry by offering networking, interviewing and industry immersion opportunities with industry professionals.

To download the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising Class, click here.

2016 Students

plus Asia Adona

Asia Adona

Asia Adona Washington State University #PositivityPromotesProductivity Little in size, but little things make a big difference. “Promise is a bigger word than hope, potential or desire. It speaks of commitment. And that is what I believe is so true about the future of Asia Adona. This young woman has all the promise for an amazing […]

plus Cristina Arcay

Cristina Arcay

Cristina Arcay University of South Florida #authenticityiskey Be different or be cheaper. “I regard Cristina as especially talented because of her passion, tenacity and abilities to adapt to any situation. She has one of the richest multicultural backgrounds and talents of any student I have yet to encounter. The company who hires her in the […]

plus Wipaporn (Jen) Arwatchanakarn

Wipaporn (Jen) Arwatchanakarn

Wipaporn (Jen) Arwatchanakarn Columbia College Chicago #JenergizeTheWorld I am inspired by many so I live to inspire more. “Jen Arwatchanakarn is an amazingly creative and talented young ad student. She is n is an outstanding young creative and a future advertising force.” To download Wipaporn (Jen) Arwatchanakarn resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most […]

plus Benigno Bacolores

Benigno Bacolores

Benigno Bacolores Syracuse University #BenigYes I promise my name is not the only thing that’s interesting about me. “Ben is a terrific student: smart, strategic, hard-working,conscientious, well-spoken, engaged and affable. He is a poised, witty and composed presenter, commanding the room when he takes the podium.” To download Benigno Bacolores’s resume and the resumes of […]

plus Eliezer Bulnes

Eliezer Bulnes

Eliezer Bulnes Miami International University #Multicultural #Experience #Path #Success Advertising, creating ideas and reinventing concepts. “Due to his knowledge and great aptitude for learning, Eliezer will continue to succeed in any arena he sets foot on, in any challenge that falls on his path, and with any group of people lucky enough to work with […]

plus Chelsea Ceasor

Chelsea Ceasor

Chelsea Ceasor Texas State University #CeasTheDay Think small to think big. “I can’t imagine a more pleasant person to work with than Chelsea. Even in our most rigorous courses, she greeted every challenge with positivity.” To download Chelsea Ceasor’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising Class, click here.

plus Sherlock Chang

Yi-Chin (Sherlock) Chang

Yi-Chin (Sherlock) Chang University of Texas at Austin #BrandDetective I solve brand problems and real life mysteries. “She shows natural leadership and team skills, and an optimistic attitude that was infectious” To download Yi-Chin (Sherlock) Chang’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising Class, click here.

plus Kendall Coker

Kendal Coker

Kendal Coker University of Oklahoma #BreakTheRules Curious YoPro, aspiring girl boss. “Kendal not only accepts responsibility, but seeks it. She has tireless energy and enthusiasm. In her endeavors, those traits are absolutely essential.” To download Kendal Coker’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising Class, click here.

plus Tien Dang

Tien Dang

Tien Dang Southern Methodist University #GotDangTien Be spicy, be curious, be unapologetically you. “Tien is that one in a million person we all hope to teach, hire, work with and know. She is without a doubt the complete package of brains, high energy, follow through and a desire to change the world along with being a fabulous […]

plus Nikki Davis

Nikki Davis

Nikki Davis University of Nevada, Las Vegas #Jill4TradeMaster Master of all trades. Something even Jack couldn’t accomplish. “Nikki’s creative base and vision combined with her strategic focus, give her an exceptionally strong and unique perspective on any project.” To download Nikki Davis’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising Class, click here.

plus Ciara' Dixon

Ciara’ Dixon

Ciara’ Dixon Elon University #TeamworkMakesTheDreamwork Ciara’ for Hire: Proven leader who delivers under pressure and specializes in results. “Ms. Dixon will continue to represent and promote diversity of thought and action in all endeavors she undertakes” To download Ciara’ Dixon’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising Class, click here.

plus Cheryl Faux

Cheryl Faux

Cheryl Faux Columbia College Chicago #YesWoman You never know which opportunity is the one that’ll unexpectedly change your life. “Cheryl Faux is one my favorite ad pre-professionals. She is creative, strategic, motivated, good with a wide range of people, and just plain fun. Cheryl will do the AAF proud, today and tomorrow. Promise.” To download Cheryl […]

plus Anjanee Ferguson

Anjanee Ferguson

Anjanee Ferguson Saint John’s University #AnnjuhnayTheStoryteller Unleash the story. “What you won’t know until you meet her is how pleasant Anj is. She’s relentlessly upbeat. She enthusiastically takes on any challenge, and usually comes out the other end with a thoughtful, interesting point of view.” To download Anjanee Ferguson’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 […]

plus Jasmin Garcia

Jasmin Garcia

Jasmin Garcia University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign #OpportunityCreator I knock before opportunity does. “Jasmin knows what a real obstacle is – and how to overcome it. She knows how to solve problems. And create opportunities. Exactly the kinds of skills the advertising industry wants and needs.” To download Jasmin Garcia’s resume and the resumes of the […]

plus Nicole Godreau

Nicole Godreau

Nicole Godreau Ithaca College #GirlOnFire There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise. “Nicole thrives on the challenge of a fast-paced environment and she works extremely well under the pressure created by client deadlines. Ms. Godreau possesses a genuine interest in the advertising industry.” To download Nicole Godreau’s resume and the resumes […]

plus Laura Gonzalez

Laura Gonzalez

Laura Gonzalez Texas Tech University #WorthTheRisk Dauntless seeker for the path with the most resistance. “You will find Ms. Gonzalez a dependable and mature young woman who works hard and strives for success in all endeavours.” To download Laura Gonzalez’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising Class, click here.

plus Ronald Hendricks

Ronald Hendricks

Ronald Hendricks University of Oklahoma #InsightYourMind Professionally curious. Aesthetically attuned. “With his wealth of real-world experience, he is able to step into any agency, working on any account, and be an instant asset to the agency.” To download Ronald Hendricks’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising Class, click here.

plus Simone Jackson

Simone Jackson

Simone Jackson Elon University #PursueYourPassion Leading through passion and creating through strategic thought. “Simone’s peers praise her preparation, clear communication, and report that she sets high expectations, while always being available to coach them to meet their goals.” To download Simone Jackson’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising Class, click here.

plus Asharae Jones

Asharae Jones

Asharae Jones Pennsylvania State University #SimplyStrategic Think strategically, work collaboratively, execute inventively. “Asharae has proven herself to be a natural leader in various activities she takes part in. Her passion for the advertising and marketing communications business is demonstrated both in and outside of the classroom.” To download Asharae Jones’s resume and the resumes of […]

plus Lidia Juarez

Lidia Juarez

Lidia Juarez University of Alabama #VibrantLidia Vibrantly generating ideas as bold and as colorful as my lipstick collection. Lidia works well with others and has a truly unique and positive vibe that easily spreads to those around her. She knows how to stand by her ideas and also give others a chance to engage. To […]

plus Cameron Kirksey

Cameron Kirksey

Cameron Kirksey University of South Carolina #ImmeasurablyMore Making beautiful things out of blank space. “Cameron’s stellar experience in intergrated marketing communications combined with her reputation for working well with challenges and her peers alike make her an exceptional candidate for both the MPMS program and all of her future endevors.” To download Cameron Kirksey’s resume […]

plus Paulina Liang

Paulina Liang

Paulina Liang University of Oregon #KeepLifeInteresting An adventurous lifestyle led by curiosity. “Paulina is very conscientious and self-motivated and epitomizes the highest ideals of the MPMS program.” To download Paulina Liang’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising Class, click here.

plus Isabella Loose

Isabella Loose

Isabella Loose Pennsylvania State University #ThirdCultureKid  Twenty years. Six countries. Three continents. Two nationalities. I am a Third Cultural Kid. “Isabella is both well traveled and well rounded with numerous accomplishments that demonstrate strong analytical skills and intuitive insights for communications.” To download Isabella Loose’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising Class, […]

plus Marissa Lopez

Marissa Lopez

Marissa Lopez Southern Methodist University #Mad4Ads An ambitious creative collaborator determined to positively impact lives through beautifully designed and smart advertising. “Marissa has tremendous interpersonal skills, which make her a natural leader and a very persuasive speaker. Do yourselves a favor and choose her. You’ll be able to claim some credit when she runs a […]

plus Daniel Luong

Daniel Luong

Daniel Luong University of South Florida #BetterTogether I Have A Dream. “Daniel seeks out any and all opportunities to prepare himself for a career in media strategy and has become highly skilled at interpreting media consumption and behavior.” To download Daniel Luong’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising Class, click here.

plus Taylor Moore

Taylor Moore

Taylor Moore University of Central Florida #RestlessMind Always has an eye for detail and an ear to the ground. “Taylor was born to work in planning and finding and analyzing data. Her analytical mind is lightning fast and razor sharp. If you want to get something done, you give it to Taylor.” To download Taylor […]

plus Meghana Murthy

Meghana Murthy

Meghana Murthy George Washington University #MeetTheDancingQueen Travels the world, eat lots of food, make millions of memories, and never stops dancing. Meg is multi-talented with great research and creative thinking ability, public speaking, and team working skills. She has a unique ability to do the research and then to see the insights. To download Meghana […]

plus Benjamin Ng

Benjamin Ng

Benjamin Ng Chapman University #Ben Quiet mouth, loud mind. “Ben’s international background will serve him beautifully in the global, multicultural advertising profession where empathy is probably more valuable than in any other profession.” To download Benjamin Ng’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising Class, click here.

plus Jane Ngo

Jane Ngo

Jane Ngo University of Nebraska-Lincoln #ThriveInAdaptability As a passionate and experienced UX designer, I love connecting companies with their diverse audiences. “Jane is full of amazing and creative ideas and is very confident to share them. She has a flair for finding creative solutions and understands diversity and its role in advertising and PR.” To […]

plus Kim Nguyen

Kim Nguyen

Kim Nguyen University of Georgia #OvercomingFear Being successful means more than not failing. It also means overcoming the fear of failure. “Kim is a bright, hard-working team player and a delightful, creative person with much to offer as she joins the advertising field.” To download Kim Nguyen’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most […]

plus Jordan Orman-Weiss

Jordan Orman-Weiss

Jordan Orman-Weiss University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign #DiversePeople=DiverseIdeas You’re so weird.” – Is the greatest compliment I have ever been given. “Jordan has experience that will have everyone in the industry chomping at the bit to get Jordan to work for them. Off-the-chart talent. Insane experience. Infinite energy. Magnetic personality. Relentless passion. Impeccable character. Amazing […]

plus Rodolfo Otamendi

Rodolfo Otamendi

Rodolfo Otamendi Florida State University #ArtMeetsBusiness I study advertising at FSU and make a mean cereal bowl. Aspiring Strategic Planner. “Rodolfo’s combination of academic performance, professional experience and extra-curricular involvement, I am confident that he is set to become a leader and trendsetter in the advertising industry.” To download Rodolfo Otamendi’s resume and the resumes […]

plus Dimon Paige

Dimon Paige

Dimon Paige Lindenwood University #TheDimonDistrict Shine bright like a DIMON! “Advertising afforded Dimon the ability to not only design visually, but also incorporate a message with words. I so strongly believe in Dimon and her abilities to promote multiculturalism in the advertising industry.” To download Dimon Paige’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most […]

plus Jon (Jung) Park

Jon (Jung) Park

Jon (Jung) Park Baruch College #PassionMan I dream passionately and make them come to life. “Jon is extremely motivated and works hard on any project; he has shown himself to be very motivated and curious.” To download Jon (Jung) Park’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising Class, click here.

plus Juan Pinon

Juan Pinon

Juan Pinon Western Michigan University #IdeationNation Driven by Creativity and innovation. “Carlos is dependable and highly motivated, and you can count on his initiative to see any task through. Furthermore, I believe he has the ability, the focus, and the determination to meet any challenges that he will face while pursuing a career in advertising.” […]

plus Ashlea Ramirez

Ashlea Ramirez

Ashlea Ramirez University of North Texas #AshGotIt When something needs doing, I’m the person they ask. My response: I got it. “Ashlea has taken advantage of every opportunity that will make her a successful advertising professional. She’s open-minded, goal oriented and tenacious.” To download Ashlea Ramirez’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising […]

plus Juan Ramos

Juan Ramos

Juan Ramos Florida State University #DefeatTheObstacles Obstacles may stand in the way. My passion and determination help me defeat them. “Juan is passionate, motivated, and is someone that his peers speak highly of. He possesses an impressive combination of academic excellence, involvement in extra curricular activities, and intensive career experience.” To download Juan Ramos’s resume […]

plus Alexandra Rich

Alexandra Rich

Alexandra Rich University of Tennessee Knoxville #RichInExperiences In Advertising, it is important to be diverse in thought and experience. “Any company would be very lucky to have a young person of Allie’s dedication, maturity and multicultural experiences and perspectives. She is the model of the future of our multicultural advertising industry.” To download Alexandra Rich’s resume and […]

plus Jermaine Richards

Jermaine Richards

Jermaine Richards York College #ShiftingShapes Make everything count while shifting the marker to match. “Jermaine is dedicated to the future of our industry, diversifying and strengthening the employee base, and his energetic nature and love of advertising and years of dedication truly sets him apart.” To download Jermaine Richards’s resume and the resumes of the […]

plus Daglys Rivas-Martinez

Daglys Rivas-Martinez

Daglys Rivas-Martinez University of Texas at Austin #BreakthroughInnovation Passion for cutting-edge ideas. “Given her fluency in two languages and two cultures, Daglys is the future of our industry. Adding a digital dimension to the equation places Daglys in rare company and will allow her to fully explore a wide variety of rapidly emerging, digital issues […]

plus Stephen Rivera

Stephen Rivera

Stephen Rivera Texas Christian University #NeverGiveUp Persistence breaks resistance – so should I stop now or try again? “Once Stephen commits to doing a project, you can rest easy that he will get it done on time and it will be done right the first time.” To download Stephan Rivera’s resume and the resumes of […]

plus Yolanda Saetern

Yolanda Saetern

Yolanda Saetern University of Oregon #DreamBig Believing in yourself is all that matters. “Yolanda is a beautiful person with a quick brain, and is a growing professional.” To download Yolanda Saetern’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising Class, click here.

plus Anna Safren

Anna Safren

Anna Safren University of Tennessee Knoxville #WalkingAdAgency Full time student. 4 jobs. Spreading the wealth. I’d hire me. “Anna has strong social media and digital skill sets that many future employers will find beneficial. Combine those attributes with her multicultural background, and Anna is setting herself up for a successful major market advertising career.” To […]

plus Catherine Samartista

Catherine Samarista

Catherine Samarista University of Central Florida #QuipSmart Don’t call her a copycat. “Cat is relentless in demonstrating the drive and determination to learn as much as she can while a student in preparation for her career. She is aiming her sights at being a force at the highest level in advertising.” To download Catherine Samarista’s […]

plus Rachel Shearer

Rachel Shearer

Rachel Shearer Texas State University #RachelWutzUp Asking: “I wonder how” and “what if. “One of Rachel’s remarkable characteristics is her mindset is one that thinks outside of the norm of advertising that is expected from madison Avenue. Rachel approaches all her assignments with a global perspective, which sets her ten steps ahead of her peers.” […]

plus Joshua Sheetz

Joshua Sheetz

Joshua Sheetz Hawaii Pacific University #CreativeInCharge Innovative success driven creative designer marching to the beat of his own drum. “Joshua is perceptive, responsive and focused, eager for creative challenges and destined for success.” To download Joshua Sheetz’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising Class, click here.

plus Carter Smalley

Carter Smalley

Carter Smalley Ithica College #CulturalArchitect Cultivating, building and preserving culture, one brand at a time. “Carter possesses a genuine interest in the advertising industry and is currently drawn to a career in either account management or social media engagement.” To download Carter Smalley’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising Class, click here.

plus Jonel Turner

Jonel Turner

Jonel Turner University of Memphis #HeyJonel Cool. Calm. Creative “She writes well, designs beautifully, knows how to connect the two, and is assertive enough to be recognized for her accomplishments.” To download Jonel Turner’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising Class, click here.

plus Aya Watanabe

Aya Watanabe

Aya Watanabe Brigham Young University #BeTheLink People, not problems. “Aya’s warm, gracious personality and her intense caring for others made her a magnet for drawing students into the (AAF Chapter) club.” To download Aya Watanabe’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising Class, click here.

plus Olivia Wilson

Olivia Wilson

Olivia Wilson University of Nebraska – Lincoln #DrivenByPassion Solutions, promise, and hard work all backed by passion. “Olivia is resilient, articulate, hard working and charismatic. She truly loves the profession of advertising and does all her work with passion and commitment.” To download Olivia Wilson’s resume and the resumes of the 2016 Most Promising Class, […]