The Program

The AAF’s Most Promising Minority Students program connects the advertising industry with the nation’s top minority college seniors. This premier event provides opportunities to recruit fresh talent, to further prepare advertising’s best young prospects and to help the industry’s workforce better reflect the multiculturalism of today’s society. The program not only honors the students, but enhances their knowledge and understanding of the advertising industry by offering networking, interviewing and industry immersion opportunities with industry professionals.


2014 Students

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Yiwei Zhu

A creative translator: connecting all the simple ideas.

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Leo Wong

Creative, open-minded hard worker who is fearless and is always the life of the room.

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Marian Taylor

A believer in the progress of the advertising industry by producing innovative ideas that resonate.

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Etti Susterman

Solving creative problems with a Latin spice and a drop of Judaism flavor.

plus F_Stokes_Taylor

Taylor Stokes

You can only ride the wave of life with great balance.

plus F_Soufan_Ghada

Ghada Soufan

Eight internships, three leadership positions, two languages and one relentlessly curious mind you Ghada know.

plus F_Soong_Adrienne

Adrienne Soong

A blunt observer, a fantastical liar and a smidge of crazy.

plus F_Solaita_Fautino

Fuatino Solaita

Team leader and team player, ready to get in the game.

plus F_Small_Ashley

Ashley Small

Time is a clever problem solver, always changing and charismatic. So am I.

plus F_Shin_Robert

Robert Shin

Start-ups, mobile apps, investments. Been there, done that. Next stop? Ad Man.

plus F_Sanchez_Michelle

Michelle Sanchez

I am more than my degree: I am dynamic, intuitive and inventive. I am Michelle Sanchez.

plus F_Ruggiero_Brittany

Brittany Ruggiero

Knowledge seeker, social media enthusiast, positive thinker, passionate writer and aspiring advertising professional.

plus F_Rodriguez_Janet

Janet Rodriguez

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

plus F_Robertson_Jessica

Jessica Robertson

A kinetic 21st century perfectionist filled with idealism and enthusiasm for the cross-cultural world.

plus F_Rios_Lynette

Lynette Rios

Left and right brain harmonizer.

plus F_Rao_Reema

Reema Rao

I am an on-the-go go-getter!

plus F_Rajabi_Niloufar

Niloufar Rajabi

The dark side love child of creativity and strategy, powered into a small, dark espresso.

plus F_Perreira_Kanoelehua

Kanoelehua Perreira

Bringing innovative ideas through a diverse background.

plus F_Pemberton_Najja

Najja Pemberton

Failure is good. I can learn from it. But quitting — it is suicidal.

plus F_Paz_Krisha

Krisha Paz

My culture, a culmination of three others, is my weapon for creating extraordinary ideas.

plus F_Patel_Sarika

Sarika Patel

Discovering research that enlightens the situation, insights that illuminate the path and creativity that illustrates.

plus F_Ortega_Stephania

Stephania Ortega

Storyteller, traveler and lifelong learner.

plus F_Ordu_Anayo

Anayo Ordu

Inquisitive mind who loves the art of connecting brands and ideas with society and culture.


Brittany Nguyen

A designer, writer and lover of good, strong coffee. Constantly curious, always learning.

plus F_Ngauja_Shar

Shar Ngauja

Shar Ngauja is a forward thinker, driven marketer and a curator of human experiences.

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Christopher Mejia

Leader like Caesar, adaptive like Darwin, creative like Dali and determined like Jordan.

plus F_Mehta_Stuti

Stuti Mehta

It matters not how many people I talk to, but the people I listen to.

plus F_Mcdaniel_Morgan

Morgan McDaniel

Commander of attention, compassionate of others, detailed analyzer. Mac of all trades: methodical, assertive, consistent.


Sevara Mallyn

I was born under a dictator, but I dictate my life and I lead others.

plus F_Lucero_Chase

Chase Lucero

With this Latin chico, the creative is rico.

plus F_Linthicum_Laura

Laura Linthicum

Not afraid to be a freak.

plus F_Lee_Nicole

Nicole Lee

A bicultural creative designer and strategist who aspires to solve problems for brands and issues.

plus F_Lee_Diana

Diana Lee

Four countries in four years, I’m an avid explorer creating opportunities, making my own creations.

plus F_Lai_Priscilla

Priscilla Lai

The strongest determination you’ll ever witness to revitalize difficulties that are out of this world.

plus F_Kim_Jennifer

Jennifer Kim

Strategic thinking. Curious nature. Passion for advertising.

plus F_Javellana_Anne

Anne Javellana

A creative and innovative mind that never ceases to think with a culturally intuitive perspective.

plus F_Hurst_Safia

Safia Hurst

My undefined passion makes for a curious mind.

plus F_Haynes_Dennis

Dennis Haynes

Savage imagination tamed by knowledge.

plus F_Gates_Adrienne

Adrienne Gates

Nimble thinker. Daring thoughts. Unstoppable.

plus F_Francisco_Michelle

Michelle Francisco

An intricate collaboration of energy and ideas.

plus F_Fox_Josh

Joshua Fox

I’ve overcome addictions to Oreos, pudding cups and Pepsi. There’s one I can’t overcome – advertising.

plus F_Espinoza_Sarah

Sarah Espinoza

I am an aspiring digital marketing strategist, a risk taker and a trailblazer of ideas.

plus F_Cheng_Jaime

Jaime Cheng

The work is her play.

plus F_Buenaventura_Princess

Princess Buenaventura

Powered by dreams, innovation, determination and some great Seattle coffee, I will challenge the industry.

plus F_Barrera_Michael

Michael Barrera

Bettering the world by delivering meaningful insight to consumers and connecting brands with creativity and compassion.

plus F_Baillergeon_Jacklyn

Jacklyn Baillergeon

Strategic thinker and planner who uses ambidextrous-minded storytelling to connect analytics to emotions.

plus F_Atwell_Jamal

Jamal Atwell

CURIOSITY defines me: Communicative, Understanding, Resourceful, Inquisitive, Open-minded, Strategic, Idealistic, Timely and Yearning for success.

plus F_Ariza_Kayla

Kayla Ariza

I believe with hard work comes success. Take chances — giving up is not an option.

plus F_Angstadt_Andrew

Andrew Angstadt

Developing a strong creative strategy is an art and advertising is my canvas of choice.

plus F_Araya_Mark

Mark Araya

Designer, illustrator and art director. Driven to make conceptual and well-crafted ideas come to life.